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Highlighting our Youth!

The theme for our Youth Mission Trip this year was "Beautiful Mess" 

The world is as messy as it is beautiful and as beautiful as it is messy

We are surrounded by God’s beauty in creation, and life’s blessings, yet there is so much pain, injustice and poverty that exists simultaneously. Likewise, as human beings we were designed and created in God’s image for goodness yet we recognize we all have our own messes in our lives. The beauty lies in the truth that God’s love is constant despite any mess. 

Service to others requires us to get messy not just physically, with dirty hands, cement splashed shoes and paint stained clothes. Service is also about listening to the stories of others, being emotionally involved and then, without judgment, loving and caring as Christ.    It is. We Are. A Beautiful Mess.   (CHWC-2014)


Our New Church was dedicated on June 8, 2014

A video of this event  is currently being edited. Please check back soon, we we will post it as soon as it is available along with the video of our construction journey.  

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