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St. Mary Magdalen Parish Kentwood

Facility Maintenance Manager

Immediate opening for full time position with benefits

Responsible for performing general maintenance/operations of all facilities including buildings, assets, equipment and grounds, snow removal during the week and on weekends. More complex repairs will be outsourced to professional companies. Work with staff, volunteers and parishioners to keep facilities clean and ready for events (setup, breakdown for events, etc.).


Associates degree or relevant experience. Must have a valid driver license, and attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop (can do upon hiring), and needs to be a practicing Catholic. Ability to operate a lawnmower, drive a tractor with the snow plow and salt spreader, as well as basic knowledge in areas such as:  HVAC, electrical, mechanical etc. – are MUST. Criminal background check will be performed before hiring.

Interested candidates are invited to send their resume to Fr. Godfrey C. Onyekwere at