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 This Week in the Parish ~ October 26, 2014

Fr. Godfrey's Column 

My dear people of God,

Several weeks ago, I announced at the end of Masses that I will be putting in efforts to building a stronger and better-fed community of St. Mary Magdalen. As part of that promise, we have restored the 5pm Sunday evening Mass and attendance to it is growing. There are other efforts we are working on especially in the area of continuing adult faith formation. To this effect, I have hired Dominic Ford as our coordination for New Evangelization and I.T. Please give him a St. Mary Magdalen welcome as you see him after Mass and during other parish gatherings. Here he is in his own words:

Hello my name is Dominic Ford and St. Mary Magdalen has graciously hired me to be the Coordinator of New Evangelization and Technology.  In essence my role will be to help assist everyone in the parish in living out their baptismal call to becoming fervent and fruitful disciples of Jesus and His Church and help spread His Kingdom at the local parish level, as well as making sure our technology is up to date and efficient.

A little about myself: I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, a cradle Catholic who has always had a great love for God and passion for my faith.  An interesting fact about myself is that I am a triplet.  A few of my many interests aside from the faith are, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, sports (huge Lions and ND fan), reading, movies, good food and learning new things.  My favorite scripture verse and what I try to live by is Mark 12:30-31 and my favorite saint is St. Peter.  Prior to my coming to St. Mary Magdalen, I worked in the tele-com industry for about 10 years and have done lots of ministry type of work for the Diocese, including establishing and managing the Bishop Baraga Film Festival. 

Our Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, is stressing more so than ever the laity’s part in sharing our divine and incredible Catholic faith with those who do not have faith so they may experience the great peace and love that Christ wants to give.   I’m very excited about this new role and really believe God has big plans for this parish.  I should also add that I have been very impressed with how welcoming and generous the people of the parish I have currently met are and look forward to meeting each one of you. 

In Christ,



Faith Formation  

Hello Ladies,

             Last Thursday evening a group of approximately 30 women gathered joyfully to explore our need for growth in the area of Women's Ministry.  We began by reading the passage from Jeremiah, (29:11-14), in which God declares that he knows the plans he has for us.  We spent a little time getting to know each other and then we got down to the task at hand…discovering what we need this ministry to look like.  We are working together to find title for the ministry and creating a mission statement.

To recap the discussion we had at our gathering last Thursday; we know that we are in need of a vibrant women's ministry.  We have been hungry for it for some time.  We are rooted in Christ, Faith, Scripture, Tradition, community and much more.   But roots are meant to secure us and feed us, so what is it that these roots will nurture and encourage to bloom with in us and our community?  It is our hope that rather than breaking down into groups based on age and need, we create a multigenerational, multifaceted ministry that anyone can plug into at any time to fulfill their desire to grow in faith and community. 

I would like to say that I am encouraged by the desire of the group to create ministry and the willingness to take a role in developing and sustaining it.  This is a terrific starting point to build our ministry.  We already have a couple of ladies who are willing to organize the next event.  We are looking at having an informal social gathering soon.  Please continue to watch the bulletin and your email accounts for information.  For those who were unable to attend the gathering but are looking for someplace to plug in or are simply interested in more information please contact me at 455-9310 or

God's Blessings,

Molly Wisdom

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