MUSIC Ministry


Led by Emily Rushmore, our choirs & music programs seek to combine one’s love of music with their faith – and bring out a true passion and expression of faith.

We currently have five different ensembles:

Current cantors can access the cantor schedule here.

current mass setting

For those who are attending Mass, we will be using the Mass of Spirit and Grace throughout Lent. We invite you to take a look at the Mass setting that we will be using along with a new hymn, “For the Sake of Christ”


The Second Vatican Council has proclaimed majestically that the celebration of the Eucharist is the summit and center of Christian worship. For it is in the breaking of bread and the sharing of the cup the complete mingling of the divinity with our humanity that Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood have become our food and drink and, therefore, our redemption and salvation. It is here in the Eucharist that God embraces us in utmost intimacy. It is here in the Eucharist that God’s love is poured out unconditionally to all. It is also here in the Eucharist that God commands us to live a life in total service to all. Celebrating the Eucharist, therefore, is not simply a Church’s obligation that needs to be fulfilled. Our Christian existence would bear no meaning whatsoever if we refused to be fed with the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Our membership in the Church would fail to make any sense whatsoever if we refused to join our hearts and hands with those of our brothers and sisters in praising and giving thanks to God. And our faith would wither and fade away if we refused to be rooted in and challenged by God’s command to wash the feet of one another. That is precisely the reason why the celebration of the Eucharist is never the end but the beginning of our mission to the whole creation. The Eucharist challenges us to go beyond the church’s walls and transform the world with our peace. The Eucharist calls us to go and convert society with our justice.

The Eucharist demands us to be Jesus Christ to everyone – to share bread with the hungry, water with the thirsty, comfort with the heavily burdened, healing with the sick, intimacy with the lonely and love with the abandoned. Hence, any meditation, study, reflection, effort and activity that celebrates God’s presence in the world, we call it Worship.