Faith Formation



Merriam-Webster defines a vocation in the following way:

    1.  A summons or strong inclination to a particular state or course of action; especially: a divine call to the religious life
    2. An entry into the priesthood or a religious order
    3. The work in which a person is employed : occupation
    4. The persons engaged in a particular occupation
    5. The special function of an individual or group

All too often we go about our daily lives without considering what God wants for us.  Even when we think we have everything figured out and that we are on the best path we could be on, we neglect to pause and ask God what he wants for us – if he agrees with our decision. Just as it is important to pray for our other needs and wants, it is equally important to pray for God to put us on the path he wants us to be on and to give us the strength and grace to follow that path.

God could be calling you to the priesthood, other religious life, marriage, or a particular career or school.

There are many useful resources available to help you discern your vocation.  You could speak with your local priest or religious, talk to your close family members, visit the Office of Priestly Vocations website, visit which also has a ton of helpful information, visit a convent or monastery, take along retreat, etc. Please don’t forget to consult with our Creator when you make these big decisions in your life!

Whatever path God puts you on, it is important to do a good job, do it to advance the glory of God on Earth, and to thereby, bring the people around you closer to God.  This can be accomplished in active or passive ways, but we are all called to answer the universal call to holiness spoken of by St. Francis de Sales, Pope Pius XI, St. Josemaria Escriva, and reiterated by the Second Vatican Council.

If you would like to make an appointment to talk with a priest, please feel free to contact us at the parish office.

May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ guide you on your journey!

Seeking deacon aspirants

The Diocese is looking for men that have the heart of a deacon today; men with a willingness to serve.  

Currently, the Diocese of Grand Rapids has a class of eight men in the third year of their candidacy and are scheduled to be ordained as permanent deacons in January of 2022.  They also have a class of ten men that were instituted as deacon candidates in November and are scheduled for ordination in early 2024. The process of forming the next class of deacon aspirants is underway. If you are interested in exploring a call to become a member of the deaconate, please contact the office.


Lord Jesus Christ, shepherd of souls, who called the apostles to be fishers of men, raise up new apostles in your holy Church. Teach them that to serve you is to reign: to possess you is to possess all things. Kindle in the hearts of our young people the fire of zeal for souls. Make them eager to spread your Kingdom upon earth. Grant them courage to follow you, who are the Way, the Truth, and the Life; who live and reign for ever and ever.