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February 16, 2013

We launched a new homepage which will show the future updates of the rebuilding process. For those of you with tracebacks to this page, please take note. Also, thank you for your continued interest in St. Mary Magdalen and our story.

 Questions & Answers related to new church

Please check out the Q & A link above  for answers to some of your questions regarding the new church. 

From Ashes to Living Stones Video



January 31, 2013

We have now seen the pictures of our church building and what the inside will look like with the addition of the chapel and Parish Offices.  What an exciting time in our faith journey to become a community that builds a church to the glory of our Almighty and Wondrous God!  Soon the pictures and video will be uploaded for all to see, ponder over and begin to understand all the thought, hard work, and prayers that went into the process.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, understanding the reasoning behind things helps to gain an awareness and acceptance of what is being proposed.  We hope you are as excited as we are to be at this juncture in regaining a church building to worship in again.  Come spring when we break ground there will be great reason to celebrate!!

Peace,  Nancy Baum

December 6, 2012  ~  Feast of St. Nicholas

(Letter from Fr. Godfrey placed in the bulletin of Dec. 9th.)

My dear people of God,

              Last weekend I announced that the projected construction cost of building our new church to serve our current and future parish families is $7.7 million.  The estimated insurance payout is $6 million, leaving a gap of $1.7 million.  Early in the New Year, we will begin a capital stewardship campaign to raise the $1.7 million needed to complete our funding plan for our new faith home.

During the campaign, we will ask every parish family to take advantage of opportunities to learn about the plan for the new church, including viewing architectural drawings and descriptive detail of our new faith home.  We also will ask all parishioners to pray about their participation in the campaign, recognizing that each and every one of us has an essential role to play.  Our theme for the campaign is“From Ashes to Living Stones.”  I will ask that each of one of us focus on sharing our gifts according to what we have received, “Not equal gifts but equal sacrifice.”  Through discernment and honest prayer, each of us will come to know how God is asking us to respond to the campaign and what our three-year, sacrificial commitment—over and above current giving—will be.

We have begun preparations for the campaign and expect the commitment phase, when we will ask all parishioners to complete a pledge card, to occur late February.  While I am not asking for commitments now, I encourage anyone who is considering year-end charitable gifts to think about a pre-campaign gift to help build our church.  A gift before the end of the year may help your tax situation and your parish at the same time.  We still will ask you to make a three-year commitment during the campaign but your early gift can help get us off to a good start.  Please make your check payable to St. Mary Magdalen Parish and note “From Ashes to Living Stones” in the memo line, or call Nancy Baum at 455-9310 for more information.

 Thank you for your support!  Be a part of our “Rising from the Ashes!”


November 1, 2012

We continue to worship at our new location on the weekends: 1800 44th St. SE. Our Holy Day Masses for today, November 1, 2012 are at 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the new location. Morning Mass will be offered tomorrow for the Feast of All Souls at the St. Mary Magdalen Chapel, here at 1213 52nd St SE at 8:00 a.m.

Nancy Baum

September 11, 2012:

As I look out the window I see that the new roofing materials are being delivered.  As work progresses on the Family Center (we now have lights!) we move ever closer to our Faith Formation start date of October 17th. 

We are please to announce that we have hired a local architecture firm:  Progressive A & E.

We have also created an email account so parishioners can send us their “wish lists.”  If you are interested in telling us what you would like to see in the new church, please email us at resurrection@stmmagdalen.orgby September 23rd.  We look forward to hearing what you would like.  Everything will be compiled and considered as we begin the business of designing our new church home.

Nancy Baum

Prayer and Demolition, July 25-28, 2012



Prayer Service Saturday, August 25 7:30pm

All are invited to join together on Saturday evening, August 25th, 7:30 p.m. for a Prayer Service on St. Mary Magdalen premises, 1213 52nd St. SE.   As we are expecting demolition to begin on Monday we are offering a farewell service.  We apologize for the short notice but we were just made aware of the demolition schedule and due to thunder showers forecast for Sunday we are holding the service Saturday evening.  We welcome all who are available to attend.   Help us get the word out to those who might not have email.  Many thanks to all for your prayers, concern, and offers of help.

 Help us now say farewell to the church building in which our Catholic Christian community gathered to hear the word of God, to pray together, to receive the sacraments, and to celebrate the Eucharist.


Demolition Video Aug. 14, 2012


*** Please check back often for updates as this page may be changing often ***

 *Mass is celebrated at 1800 44th St. SE, Kentwood (the old Kentwood Mall).  The entrance is at the N.W. corner of the building nearest Mr. Burger.  Mass times are:  5 p.m. on SATURDAY, and  9 a.m. and 11 a.m. ON SUNDAY.   Confessions will be heard on Saturdays beginning the 25th of August from 4pm to 4:45pm. in the first room to the far right of the altar. 

**Morning Mass in the St. Mary Magdalen Chapel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 8 a.m.


9:00 a.m. Friday, August 10th

GET READY TO MOVE!   We will be moving to our new church location at 1800 44th St. SE, Kentwood beginning with Mass on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Holy Day of Obligation, Wednesday, August 15th.  Mass times are at 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  We will continue to worship here until our new church is built. 

This location is the NW corner of the old Kentwood Mall. 

3 p.m.  7-30-12

It is official!  We will be celebrating Mass in the near future at the old Kentwood Mall (old bowling alley space).  As of July 27th a contract has been signed and Erhardt Construction is busy preparing our new worship space.  We will be informing everyone as soon as we are able to move in.  We are very excited to know that we will soon have a “temporary-permanent” home.  Watch your emails and check this website often.

Family Center news:  Due to fire code regulations, we cannot re-insulate the Family Center as it was.  Therefore, the Family Center roof will be replaced.  We are still anticipating to be in the Family Center  in time to begin our Faith Formation classes.  Again, continue to check the website for updates.  Even though you can’t see any changes on the outside, much has happened inside the Family Center.

 10am – 7-17-12

Dominican Center at Marywood is planning a special prayer outreach for the people of St. Mary Magdalen Parish, who recently lost their church building to fire.  We will celebrate Evening Prayer at 7:00pm in Dominican Chapel on July 22, the Feast of Mary Magdalen, our common patron.  A free will offering will be taken for the parish rebuilding fund.  All are welcome to join us in this show of support. 

 Dominican Center is located at 2025 Fulton Street East, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.  Parking is accessed from Lakeside Drive between Fulton and Michigan Streets.  For more information, please call 616.454.1241, Option 5 or visit


11pm – 7/11/2012

The parish has created a new Resurrection Fundto help with the rebuilding effort.  Click hereto read a short note from Fr. Godfrey and if you wish to donate to the fund, there is an “Online Giving” button on the page that you can use to do so.  The parish can accept all major credit cards or PayPal.  God bless!


 10pm – 7/8/2012

We wish to thank Bishop Hurley for graciously concelebrating all three Masses this weekend with Fr. Godfrey and for his ongoing support of our parish and our rebuilding effort.  We also wish to thank Kentwood Public Schools for letting us use East Kentwood’s Auditorium for our weekend Masses on such short notice.

Some tidbits of information for the up-coming week:

  • Fr. Godfrey, his staff, and the diocese continue to search for a building to worship in until our church is re-built.
  • The Finance council and Pastoral council will be meeting jointly on Tuesday.
  • A FAQ section will be set up soon to answer many of the common questions the staff is receiving regarding our rebuilding effort.
  • Some photo galleries are also being built to host the many photos that have been taken during this trying time, and to also help us remember the church building, and various events that happened in it, before the fire occurred.
  • Our youthare leaving this weekend on their Mission Trip to St. Louis.  Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel to and from, a good experience in serving others and for their own grieving as they leave their church in ashes. 
  • Young at Heart will meet on Thursday, July 12th at 11:30 a.m. at the Red Geranium Restaurant. All parishioners 55 and over are welcome to join them.
  • Our Festivalthat was planned for July 20-22, has been cancelled.  We are waiting to see what our temporary facilities look like to see if we can plan a parish potluck. 
  • Our Family Centersustained some smoke and water damage.  The restoration company is working to clean that area so we will be able to hold social events in the Fall.
  • Late last week, a new recurring donation system was setup on our website.  If you wish, you can have your Sunday donations automatically deducted from your account and either not use the Sunday envelopes any more, or simply mark “Electronic Donation” on the envelope and put your empty envelope in the basket at collection time.  If you choose not to use the envelopes any more, please let the parish officeknow so that we can discontinue ordering envelopes for your household.  You can electronically donate to the parish by clicking here, or by clicking on the “Online Giving” button at the top of the website.

Here are a few more links to recent articles from local news services.


1pm 7/6/2012

**EUCHARISTIC ADORATION will be held on Friday, July 6th beginning at 8:45 a.m. and ending at 8:45 p.m. at the Breitenstein Activity Center (BAC). All are welcome to come and sit in the quiet and peace of Our Lord’s presence.


8pm 7/2/2012

+ We will have a prayer service in the Parking Lot at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 3rd.


 11pm 7/1/2012

+Another news link with some comments from Bishop Hurley:

+ Someone put some before and after pictures together and posted them to YouTube:



3:45pm 7/1/2012

We will update this page as often as new information becomes available.  We would like to thank the area police and fire departments that worked extremely hard, and with great respect, to save as much of the building as possible.  Our prayers go out to you for your dedicated service.

+As soon as Fr. Godfrey and the parish staff are able, they will be posting an update here on our web site.

+From what I have seen and heard, the sanctuary is a total loss, the family center remains intact though a little flooded at this time, the Breitenstein center and rectory were not damaged at all.

+Here are a few links to articles related to the fire that occurred early this morning (7/1/2012):