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Continuing Adult Faith Formation



Adult Formation Classes

The parish offers formation classes for all adults that are interested in continuing to learn about their faith.  The topics for the classes are driven by the liturgical cycle, the life of the Roman Catholic Church and the needs and desires of the parish community.  We explore the Roman Catholic faith from such perspectives as the history and traditions of the Church, the Order of the Mass and Changes to the Roman Missal III.  We also deepen our faith through Scripture Study and examining World Religions.  We support the needs of parishioners with pastoral classes that help with life experiences such as parenting teens and dealing with grief.  The best thing about this opportunity is that it all happens in the midst of our youth Faith Formation program on Wednesday evenings.  Please see the Faith Formation Letter on this website for the topic, dates and times of the Adult Formation classes offered.

Wednesday Morning Faith Formation Classes

For those parishioners who are early risers and interested in continuing their faith formation, we have a dedicated group of adults that facilitate a Wednesday morning study and discussion class.  The topics are decided upon by the group itself and all are welcome to participate.  The group gathers in the Family Center following the conclusion of the 8 o’clock morning Mass.  Please contact Molly Wisdom in the Parish Office for more information.

Women’s Bible Study

The Women’s Bible Study is open to all women of the parish or the community who are interested in learning more about the Bible. The group meets in our Family Center on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 9:30-11 am. Topics are chosen by the study group and each session usually last 6-8 weeks. Financial support is available for the purchase of books. The group does not meet over the Christmas season or Spring break. Please contact Molly Wisdom at the Parish Office if you would like more information.

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How do you rejuvenate your spirit? Where do you go for renewal and growth?

Spiritual growth and renewal are essential components in developing and maintaining a lasting faith.  St. Mary Magdalen offers a variety of retreat opportunities to enable our entire faith community to experience the joy that comes from growing in faith, and reconnecting with your spirit.  Please take a moment and consider a retreat opportunity.


Couple’s Retreat

Couples are provided with an intimate dinner allowing them to relax, enjoy one another’s company over a delicious meal and reconnect through prayer and conversation, with the sacrament that is marriage.


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